The Necromancer by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A man evokes a demon to restore his lost youth. His spell goes awry with disastrous consequences.

The Orphan

submitted by tazz - Jan 9, 2005

This is a story of an orphan who was never adopted and has problem fixed

The Other Side of the Coin by Heidegger

submitted by admin - Jun 4, 2002

A birthday story written in honor of Ponce. A man comes into possession of a special coin.

The Phoenix Hotel by Libra

submitted by Heidegger - Aug 9, 2003

"...don't you think it's a little creepy that some of the past owners of this hotel simply disappeared only a few short years after buying this hotel?" Tom said, sounding a little paranoid.

The Pink Card - By Jessie Yamata

Dec 14, 2003

The Pink Card
by Jessie Yamata ( a.k.a, The ‘Anti-Ruki’ =D )


Official Disclaimer: For the record, I do not own ‘Digimon: Digital Monsters’, nor do I own Renamon (as much as I’d love to ^^() *snuggles with her Renamon plushie*), if I did I’d have alot more money and a way bigger house, but for the sake of this story, this is MY Renamon, not the one from the show, plus her tamer, your’s truly, is mine as well, so if you don’t like it, TOUGH COOKIES!!!! ... Alrighty then, on with the story!! ^_^()

The Price of Their Toys by Posti

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A car accident has unusual consequences.

The Prodigal Son by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A drug dealing son is given a treatment to make him behave himself. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice) (Infantilist)

The Ranger Regresser

submitted by masaka - Mar 31, 2002

This was the first story I ever did for the archive, back in October of 2000. It was also my attempt to create the AR Union, an orginization dedicated to the toils of age regression and progression. The story arc lasted three more stories (all of which are MIA)until it finally collapsed. To conclude, it's short, crappy, yet at the same time, it was the start of greater things to come...

The Red White and Blue Candle

submitted by vern - Jul 20, 2004

Spencer Transom was wealthy, famous and powerful -- but now he's being held against his will in a place where it's not only nothing unusual, but expected. And only one other person knows what's going on....

The Red White and Blue Candle pt.3

submitted by vern - Aug 9, 2004

In 1976, Spencer Transom knew everything that was going to happen over the next 28 years-- which investments to make, who to back in an election, what teams to bet upon. The only problem was that in 1976, Spencer was only 14 months old....

The Red White and Blue Candle-- Conclusion

submitted by vern - Aug 15, 2004

Spencer Transom was a 29 year old millionaire, but that was in 2004. He's stranded in 1976 as a baby. Can he go home again?

The Red White and Blue Candle-- part 2

submitted by vern - Jul 26, 2004

Fifty year old Betty Transom was being threatened by her 29 year old son Spencer in 2004. Now they're back in 1976, where 22 year old Betty has a decided advantage over 14 month old Spencer. Here's her AR story...

The Reflecting Pool by Timeminder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A husband and wife discover a glowing pool in a secluded cave.

The Report Card Fixer by DarthSpielberg

submitted by DarthSpielberg - Aug 29, 2003

I have decided to depart from the Funhouse series as i had not intended it to be AR so i will just write original series. Here is my first.

Also this is short so be ready...

The Report Card Fixer II: The Machine Strikes Again by DarthSpielberg

submitted by DarthSpielberg - Sep 3, 2003

This is continued from the last one.
It is also short.

P.S. Please excuse the strerotypes i have included. No offense is meant to anyone.

the rest of: The Calculater

submitted by tazz - Feb 29, 2004

Here is the complete and edited version of The Calculator.

The Return to Innocence - part 1

Aug 20, 2004

“I’m not sure what to expect.” Jim sat on the side of the bed. Being consoled by his wife Judy. All Jim could do was think back to the other day at the lab and how he could have been exposed to the device…

The Return To Innocence - Part 2

submitted by BBoy - Aug 26, 2004

“What the hell happened to you?” Tim stood there almost stunned by the sight of his diminished lab mate.

The Return To Innocence - Part 3

submitted by BBoy - Aug 28, 2004

by BBoy

By week’s end Tim and Jeff were no closer to a solution. The corrupted data held some clue the amount of exposure Jeff had been subjected. Ultimately it didn’t matter, they had no idea how large a dose it would take to regress a human male subject. All their experiments had been on rats and guinea pigs, nothing as large as Jeff. Sooner or later the regression had to stop and when that happened they could start to work on reversing the process. Now living in the body of a 13 year old Jeff was left guessing when the he would stop getting younger.

The Return to Innocence - Part 4

submitted by BBoy - Sep 3, 2004

by BBoy

When morning came Jeff was woken up by his roommate. “Get up Squirt. You better not tell Mom what happened last night or I’ll beat you up. I can do it cause I’m older right?” Jeff knew Bobby wasn’t joking and he had had enough humiliation from his son. Meekly Jeff replied “Okay I agree and you are the older one.” With that Bobby, left the room triumphant over his sibling.

The Return to Innocence - Part 5

submitted by BBoy - Sep 13, 2004

Mary was very happy to play with her new younger sibling, “Let’s go play with my dollies” Jeff shook his head No. “Let’s go play on the swings” Jeff shook his head again, Mary getting a little frustrated inquired what he wanted to do, “Watch the news on TV.” Mary giggled “Babies don’t watch the news. You need to be more like a baby.” Jeff found the statement amusing. “And how do I become more like a baby? I’m already shorter than you and in diapers.”

The Return to Innocence - Part 6

submitted by BBoy - Sep 27, 2004

As they entered the store he immediately recognized the blue and gray décor as the local Wal-Mart. Margaret placed Jeff in the shopping cart seat and proceeded to push him through the store. Because the seat pointed towards the driver of the cart he could only see behind the cart, however Margaret paid special attention allowing Jeff to be part of the buying decisions. Margaret wasn’t a cruel person and she understood that Jeff was not a real child and tried to be a little more inclusive.

The Return to Innocence - Part 7

submitted by BBoy - Oct 3, 2004

Soon Jeff was back on his way into the house. When he got to the front steps, they were much larger than he remembered. As he tried to swing his leg up, his balance failed him completely and he fell back on his bottom. Jeff could feel the mess spread out across the inside of his diaper. As he got back up he knew that this was a huge mess to clean up and would make him look all that more babyish.

The Return to Innocence - Part 8

submitted by bboy - Jan 3, 2005

The little child removed his thumb and looked directly at Jeff. “Yeath its me. What do you think of my new ride?” Rob Leahey giggled and kicked his legs in the air at the comment. Michelle then reached down unclipped the safety belt and lifted her husband out of the stroller and placing him on the floor. The professor stood unsteadily for a moment before he walked awkwardly towards Jeff. It was obvious the physical age of 10 months had an effect on the Professor’s balance and ability to walk. It couldn’t be any easier with a think diaper widening his stance making him waddle more than walk normally, Jeff knew this from first hand experience as his diaper constantly reminded him.

The Return to Innocence, Part 10 - Rob’s Story

submitted by bboy - Jan 16, 2005

Wednesday came and Rob was now looking more like a 6 year old. His small body had become skinny, without most features that told a person he was beyond the first grade. Rob could hardly recognize himself except that he remembered all the old family pictures from this age.