Scouting for Friends by Spectrum Analyzer and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Aug 26, 2002

Eleven year old Josh's only friend is the young man who lives in the apartment next door. He volunteers to help out with Josh's Boy Scout camping trip.

Search by Author Page!

submitted by Timmy - Jun 14, 2002

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!

Well it appears that all stories have been uploaded to the server that were orginally located on the old ARArchive or ARStories. Also the image gallery is working great.

Authors if you would please doublecheck the info on the author page and submit changes or updates to me at ( it would be cool.

Viewers if you click on a name and it returns zero results please notify me by a post on the discussion group (either anonymous or not) so that I don't get a million emails about one typo.


Search by Authors Page Online!

submitted by Timmy - Apr 9, 2002

Hey fellows! The Search by Author page is online and running. It currently has ALL AUTHORS from both ARARCHIVES Classic and ARSTORIES (yahoo) listed, although not all stories are online. Currently the page is available to members only, due to a minor technically difficult that will be fixed this weekend, members may access the page from clicking on ACCT SETTINGS under HOME. Click SELECT THEME and select ARARCHIVE and SAVE CHANGES! TO access the author list simple click on Authors (listed below the titlebar). PLEASE note that we are still testing this and would like comments posted to the discussion group. Neither IMAGES, nor STORIES page is complete yet. Thanks, Timmy

Second Chance by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A man meets a woman in a neighborhood bar and goes home with her for a one night stand. (Rewritten from another author's story.)

Second Time: A Little Extra to Spend

submitted by lady_maire - Dec 23, 2002

Two women go shopping on January 22nd, the day of the Event, and are caught up in the chaos as the adult population of the world begins to regress.

Second Time: April Showers

submitted by lady_maire - Dec 23, 2002

Two years after the Event, a married couple are still trying to find their in a world where the entire population has been regressed to four year-olds.

Seth's Secret

Jun 16, 2003

How not erasing your internet history logs can change your life.....
(Adult situtations ..... mature readers only pleas , thank you : )
(Although you might not be after you read it.....)

SG1 fanfiction part 1- AR/TG

submitted by dannibear - Jul 13, 2004

Hintaar was a pre-industrial human civilization under the rule of the Gou'ld known as Nir'Ti, who was widely known for her efforts to perfect a perfect human host. Recent intelligence reports had uncovered some startling evidence that Nir'Ti had located some highly advanced DNA resequencing technology from some unknown source on the planet, possibly Asgaurd.

The target, in the heart of Nir'Ti's base on this primitive world, was the brig. Several SG1 and SG6 team members did not make it back through the gate after a botched reconnesance mission to this dangerous world.
Colonel O'Neil had been dispatched on a covert ops mission to free as many of the SG team members as possible and possibly sabotage the facility as a secondary objective.

Shaving Foam by Sebtomato

submitted by Timmy - Apr 1, 2002

When a couple agrees to test some exper-mental products from a company called ar products, they find unexpected but 'acceptable' results.

Short Eyes by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Short Story: Tag

submitted by TabulaRasa - Apr 4, 2002

"You know, I think I've forgotten how to enjoy the sun," Jennifer complained, "I used to be able to enjoy something like this, but now all I can think about is my next problem set."

Eric grinned, and said. "I remember," and then, tapping her on the shoulder, he ran off and shouted, "You're IT!"

Side Show By: Long_Rifle

submitted by Long_Rifle - Jun 15, 2002

This was already posted here anonamously just reposting it so he can put it in my stories file. A boy gets ARed,

Side Show By Long_Rifle

May 22, 2002

A 15 yr old boy getts ARed. But I'm getting his sister in the sequel. Second Long_Rifle Story ever posted here. the first one was well received.

Sleep Tight...Little Sister By justAdRifter

Jan 27, 2003

I wrote this entire story, from idea to submission, in four hours. Considering that, I think it turned out rather well.

Primarily female AR, but also brief female AP and brief male AR/AP.

Hopy you enjoy it!

Small Site Revision

submitted by timmy - Jan 22, 2003

I have MOVED Stories by Authors page . Previously found by clicking on Authors, it is now found by clicking on Stories.

The new EMPTY Authors button will sooner (or later) house a How-To Guide for author want-to-be's, as well as suggestions to veterns.

Soloman's Lake by theEvolver

submitted by Timmy - Apr 2, 2002

Group of teens go on a camping trip and encounter a strange lake.

Some like it young Part 2 by areg5555

Jun 11, 2002

The regression continues...

Some like it young Part 3 by areg5555

Jun 12, 2002

And now, the startling conclusion...

Some like it young Part One by areg5555

Jun 10, 2002

A man is regressed by his wife

South of the Boudoir by ARthur

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

Spanking the Teacher

Apr 22, 2003

This story contains a type of mental AR but employs some other interesting dynamics between the student and the teacher.
I liked this story so much I had BoJay illustrate some panels which is my main motivation for posting it.
Don't worry about feed back, I did not write this story.

Special Delivery by Posti

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A single man's married friends send him to a company called Special Delivery.

Spooky by Libra

submitted by admin - Mar 17, 2003

This is story about a wrist watch. No ordinary wrist watch either. This watch has an amazing and terrible power. Although I don't understand why or how it works exactly. All I know is my life has been turned upside down since I got this watch. My name is Jessica Hope and it all started when turned 16 years-old.

Spring Cleaning by Aslan

submitted by heidegger - Mar 31, 2002

By Aslan
A Spells 'R Us Story with an interesting twist.

SRU: Curse Box by Morpheus

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

Donald, an Antique collector stumbles into the Spells R Us shop and spies a little wooden box he must have. After pleading with the old wizard to sell it to him a deal is struck. In the end I bet Donald never wished he made that deal.