BABYSAT! part 1

submitted by wouldntyouliketoknow - Jul 22, 2004

(AB/AR fiction submitted for your approval. More soon... I hope.)

Back from my Break!

submitted by timmy - Sep 15, 2002

Hey guys! Sorry for my late responses and my absense. School was just starting and I had a workpile a mile long. Just now in the groove of doing schoolwork again. Nevertheless, I am back online. Please email me at if you need anything. Else Enjoy! And Don't Forgot to Contribute!


Back to Babysitter - part 1 by Chronos

submitted by Chronos - Mar 31, 2002

A 14 year old boy is babysat by a beautiful college student.

Back to Babysitter - part 2 by Chronos

submitted by Chronos - Mar 31, 2002

Part 2 - Conclusion - A 14 year old boy is babysat by a beautiful college student.

Back to the Basics (Part 3)

submitted by TimeMinder2 - Jun 5, 2005

Kurt's girlfriend has regressed him and now she is taking advantage of the situation...

Back to the Basics (Part Two)

submitted by TimeMinder2 - May 29, 2005

Kurt's girlfriend now has the age-changing device and she plans to use it.

Back to the Basics part 1

submitted by TimeMinder2 - May 28, 2005

Three young girls play with their father's protoype invention.

Barbie teen agent Chapter 1-3 by J.R. Parz

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

An Intelligence operative is chosen for a special undercover assignment. This story is intended for over 18 - sexual content.

Bargain by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by Timmy - Apr 2, 2002

A woman finds an ancient oil lamp, from which a genie appears and grants her wishes as a reward for his freedom.

Baseball blues

Apr 9, 2005

Mike, a college baseball champion had very high hopes for his career. He didn’t think that his steroid use would land him in a life of diaper changes and playpen fun.

Baseball Blues II

Apr 13, 2005

Mike, once a baseball star, was helpless as his body began slipping closer to toddlerhood.

Bath of Artemis by Ponce D

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A researcher has an encounter with a Goddess

Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 1 of 3 by Omnibus

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 2 of 3 by Omnibus

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 3 of 3 by Omnibus

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Belated Birthday Suprise by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A young man receives a visit from a stripper on his birthday.

Best Actress by Shoeless Joe

Aug 13, 2003

This story was inspired by Mamekyu's drawing recently posted here. I would love it if you could draw some more illustrations that go along with my story.

Best Friends by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Bicycle Repair by BambinoRojo

submitted by BambinoRojo - May 29, 2003

Mikey just wants Dad to fix his bike. A short, short story with the photo that inspired it.

Bikini Beach: A Mothers Day to Remember by CathleenElizabethHitch

submitted by CathleenElizabethHit - May 26, 2003

It's a story about two peoples love. Read well because this story is packed full of it and will cause you to fill it too as you read.

Blessings of the Goddess by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by Timmy - Apr 2, 2002

A divorced man poses for a female artist he has met and is visited by divine justice.

BoJay CD Collection!

submitted by flash - Jul 25, 2003

To Everyone!

The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!

No really it's something even better.

Finally after alot of work (whew!) the Bojay CD collection is ready. The new title is BoJay's Time Warp

Go here for ordering:

(Sorry about the pop ups but it keeps the site free.)

-Flash (aka Alec Leamus)

Boomerang - Part 3

Jun 2, 2003

Jason continues to lose control. He struggles, but has an embarassing accident in front of someone he once had a crush on.

Boomerang I, II & III

Dec 1, 2002

An attempt at a story. We'll see how it goes.

I just penned the second part down. I hope you still enjoy it. Feel free to comment away, I could use the feedback.

I will do my best to write a Prologue at some point, but right now, I'm more interested in seeing how Jason's life plays out. But thanks for the suggestion and the encouragement.

Boomerang IV

Sep 6, 2003

Author’s Note – First, I want to apologize to everyone for the huge delay in getting this final part of my story out. I just felt myself get more sidetracked and it kept getting buried under the pile of things I meant to do and never got around to. I also would like to say thank you to everyone who read these stories, they were my first published writings ever on the web. I appreciate my critics and my fans alike for being honest with what they felt. I know that if I ever contribute again, I will finish the entire story before I download it to the web. I also hope that somewhere I find the time to write again, it was fun. Lastly, I give full permission to whomever wants to use my “Boomerang” universe to do so gladly. Add all you want to your heart’s content, just let the people enjoy in the fun by sharing it with others. Thanks again.. . .