Getting Away with It Part 1 of 2 by Sebtomato

submitted by Timmy - Apr 2, 2002

A couple of thieves regress themselves to children to create the perfect disguise, but it becomes a little too convincing...

Getting Away with It Part 2 of 2 by Sebtomato

submitted by Timmy - Apr 13, 2002

Getting Ready to Move

submitted by Heidegger - Jun 18, 2005

As you may have read in the discussion area, new software to power this site is in beta testing right now and we will schedule the move to the new software soon. This site will move to a new URL and the new site will appear at In preparation for the new site, I have stopped posting new stories here - they will be posted on the new site once we move to the new software. There is more info about the new software and the changes you will see here after the jump...

Getting_High By Long_Rifle

submitted by Long_Rifle - Aug 5, 2002

I wrote this story awhile ago, but never finished. I recently received a copy od it. AND finished it. A girl gets more than she bargained for when looking for the ultimate high.

Good Little Boy by Libra

submitted by Heidegger - Aug 15, 2003

"Paul, come and play," a distant and small voice said from children's room.

Grow Up by Ticktock

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A mother has to bail her 24 year old daughter out of jail - again.

Halloween Story by flash

submitted by flash - Nov 1, 2002

Hello All! I banged this out last night and then posted it today. I posted it on the discussion baord and should've posted it here -sorry. So, Admin guys if you want to delete the post on the discussion baord (which is identical) No prob. Wouldn't want to waste space. Just thought more people would see it here-enjoy!

Halloween Teen Part 5 (conclusion) by Louder

submitted by Heidegger - Jan 12, 2004

The conclusion of Halloween Teen

Halloween Teen parts 1-4 by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

A mother's claims of how much better behaved she was as a teen are put to the test.

Hardware Upgrade by areg5555

Jul 2, 2002

better, stronger, faster

Hardware Upgrade part 2 by areg5555

Jul 5, 2002

the plot thickens

Hardware Upgrade Part 3 by areg5555

Jul 6, 2002

the conclusion

Harry Potter AR Pictures by DonnyG!

submitted by admin - Jul 31, 2002

DonnyG has submitted an excellent Harry Potter AR comic strip exclusively for the AR Archive. It is in the DonnyG and Bojay album here.

Have you tried clicking the Images link lately?

submitted by admin - Jun 3, 2002

After much pain and suffering, an image gallery has been added to the archive. Registered users can create albums for their artwork and upload images through a web browser. The images from DonnyG and Bojay (The Platform) have been put in there and the rest of the images and movies from the classic archive will be uploaded very soon. Let me know what you think.

In response to your feedback, I have fixed the problem that was limiting access to the image gallery to administrators only - sorry for the inconvenience!

If you would like your own image gallery (only you could upload images to it, add captions, etc.) e-mail ( or send a private message to Heidegger and I will set it up and send you the user instructions.

He Who Hunts the Hunters: Sorceress Supreme? by Ferver

submitted by ferver - Oct 2, 2002

This is a story that is the resounding answer to those AR stories where some exceptionally powerful sorcerer/sorceress regresses someone for no reason better than the person acting immature, or having an argument, or even looking at his/her significant other.

In the case of this story, we assume that those with these powers would eventually form a govornment.

When someone abuses their powers it's up to the most powerful spell slingers in the world to make right what others made wrong...

Hebe Jeebies - part 1 by Chronos

submitted by Chronos - Mar 31, 2002

A vengeful ex-girlfriend acquires a magic amulet.

Hebe Jeebies - part 2 by Chronos

submitted by heidegger - Mar 31, 2002

Part 2 - Conclusion - A vengeful ex-girlfriend acquires a magic amulet.

High School Discipline all started with Lisa by Centered Impact

Jan 14, 2004

The Yitsie device is a battery charged age device. Within this box, you will find both a computer program (more on that later) and a portable device looking much like a T.V controller. Only much different usage. On the controller there are a number of features, all listed below. See instruction manual for further detail.

Home Again by Ouroboros

submitted by Ouroboros - Nov 4, 2002

This is a story I've been working on for quite some time. It was inspired by the song "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. The first time I heard that song all sorts of possible AR scenarios popped into my head. It's oddly hypnotic. ;-) This is the story I finally settled on. Like my other stories, it's relatively G rated. I put a lot into this one and with the proofreading help of Piper and Evolver, I finally have it ready. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!


Hope Through the Ages 5 of 5 by APScout

submitted by apscout - Apr 29, 2003

Final part!

Hope Thru The Ages 1 of 4 by APScout

submitted by APScout - Apr 16, 2003

A new Sailor Moon AP/AR story. If you have comments please e-mail me at

Hope Thru The Ages 2 of 5 by APScout

submitted by APScout - Apr 17, 2003

Second part of this story. There are 5, not four, parts to this story. ^_^ Third part today, the rest tomorrow or later tonight.

Hope Thru The Ages 3 of 5 by APScout

submitted by APScout - Apr 18, 2003

Part 3, #4 & 5 tomorrow.

Hope Thru the Ages 4 of 5 by APScout

submitted by apscout - Apr 26, 2003

Part 4

Hot Date by Tabula Rasa

submitted by admin - Apr 11, 2002

Tabula Rasa and EgARednu Sphinx's story of a ladies man who experiences the unexpected on a Hot Date.