Hourglass part 1 & 2 by Libra

Jun 18, 2003

Holly Field's need to use a phone in an unusual shop leads to interesting changes for her and her younger sister.

note: when this story was submitted, it cut off in part 3, so only parts 1 and 2 were posted. Please repost parts 3 and 4

Hourglass Part 3 by Libra

Jun 21, 2003

Part 3 - Holly and Heather go out together. Edited by Sebtomato.

Hourglass Part 4 by Libra

Jun 26, 2003

Heather and Holly have more fun with the Hourglass.

How Do You Spell Baby - Part 2 by RoxDeon

submitted by RoxDeon - May 20, 2003

Sorry for the delay. Hadn't checked private messages, and found out the rest of story was cut off.

How Do You Spell Baby part 1 by RoxDeon

submitted by RoxDeon - Apr 13, 2003

AR and AB story

Hunter's Hell By fucil

Feb 17, 2004

An attempt at an age progression story: By fucil

Hypnosis by Max

Dec 26, 2003

A 12 year old girl went to a psychiatris for help. Would hypnosis solve this girls problems and change her life forever?


Hypnosis...Yeah right by Long Rifle

Apr 27, 2002

This is written by Long_Rifle. Mental AR, of a girl.

I Don't Need Any Help (Revised Edition)

Apr 25, 2005

I'm aware that while readers found my story to be an interesting concept, they felt it lacked detail.I hope this version, which includes far more material than the original, will satisfy.

I Don't Need Any Help.

Apr 24, 2005

This is my first attempt at an AR Story, but I certainly hope you enjoy it.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

submitted by Merlin - Apr 3, 2002

A woman cuts in front of a group of kids waiting for ice cream.

I See the Light Part 1 of 2 by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

I See the Light Part 2 of 2 by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

I Wish by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

Two children come into possession of a magic coin.

I'm a Teenager Again! by Zappy

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

An aging stepfather's invention makes him younger.

Idol of Meyhem by Morpheus

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

Dr. Caroline Marcus accidentlly brings a small statue home from her museum job. Then the Meyhem breaks out and their family life is turned upside down.

Imagine part 1 by Louder

submitted by louder - Aug 19, 2002

Taylor is a curious little girl with an imagination... and an invention. All she needs is a salad bowl and her mother's help to try it out!

Can a first grader invent a 'Roler Reverser' machine? Taylor and her 27 year old mother are about to find out.... and so will you in:

Imagine Part One

Imagine Part 2 by Louder

submitted by louder - Aug 19, 2002

Strange times indeed for Taylor and her mother Suzy. While Taylor's first grade class had become a breeze, Suzy's job had gotten boring and complicated. What could happen next? Is there such a thing as a 27 year old raggamuffin? What about a girl 6 going on 30? And are there other changes happening as well?

Are they really experiencing a role reversal? Taylor may soon find herself 'walking a mile in her mother's 'high heels''... 'cause her mother sure can't anymore!

Imagine Part 3 by Louder

submitted by louder - Aug 20, 2002

Taylor thinks she has rebuilt the machine, but she's yet to understand how it could have worked in the first place. Taylor and Suzy are both heading into their teens... and beyond if Taylor can't reverse things. Suzy is growing content with being a kid again but will she want to give up her mature body? Taylor is still not comfortable with getting older... but will that change as she becomes a young woman?

Read on and find out....

Imagine Part 5

submitted by louder - Oct 10, 2002

Taylor is 27yrs old... her mother is 6 yrs old. Are they stuck that way? Will Taylor be able to reverse the mother-daughter swap? What happens next? All it takes to find out is just a little imagination!----

Imagine Part4 by Louder

submitted by louder - Aug 30, 2002

The role reversal continues. Can Taylor figure out how to stop it? Can or will Suzy help? Will Taylor and Suzy accept their new roles? Will they have a choice?

Important New Survey

submitted by admin - Jul 8, 2002

There has been some comment in the Discussion Board that the overall tone of many of the postings has gotten ruder. I have set up a survey to determine whether posting to the Discussion Board should be for registered users only. On the one hand, users would then own their own words (like on the Well) and would have to deal with the consequences of what they say in the board. On the other, anonymity has been a tradition of both the Internet and this Board. Please vote and share your opinion.

IMs Between EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Apr 21, 2002

A: Why not surprise them tonight?

B: How?

A: Well, you set up the basketball hoop in the driveway, right?

B: Yeah. Last week.

A: Take 'em out and play...just for a few minutes. Doesn't have to take long.

In For a Change

submitted by gettingyounger79 - Mar 22, 2004

This is a Male AR/AP story. Comments very welcome to gettingyounger79@yahoo.com Thanks!

In Progress by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002