Daddy Youngest by PixChick

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Databasing Down by EgArednu Sphinx and by Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - May 1, 2002

EgArednu Sphinx and I have written another, somewhat different story about a young computer technician for a high school who adds himself to the class list.

Dave's Diaper Disaster by Squeekdamouse

submitted by Fionacat - Sep 7, 2003

It's my first post, it's one of these things wot I wrote once and yeah, I have no idea what i'm doing! Anywho, do enjoy, it's like AB, Infantilist, AR, TG, Furry(ish) just so you know...

Daycare by Copernicus

submitted by admin - Apr 6, 2002

Two teens have a sexual encounter in the Magic Valley Daycare Center.

Deceptions by J Adams

submitted by admin - Jun 4, 2002

A man's old high school friend has a proposition for him.

Deconstructing Davis by Piper

submitted by Piper - Aug 21, 2002

(alt title: The Clothes Make the Man)

Now for something completely different. Here's an all-in-one-sitting short I wrote just today to avoid doing work. Enjoy.

Did You Lose Your Parents? by OmicronY

submitted by omicrony - May 14, 2002

Here is the first story I've written and submitted. I hope you enjoy it.

Sam meets an unusual little girl while he's at an amusement park.

Doctors Appointment by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

Don't Drink the Water by theEvolver (aka Sumner)

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

Two middle school boys run across a strange device during a dinner party hosted by the oft-eccentric Leones.

Don't Drink the Water II by theEvolver (aka Sumner)

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

We follow one of the original characters from Don't Drink the Water (now 15 years old) as he tries to impress a date.

Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite (A Short Story) By Libra

submitted by Heidegger - Aug 12, 2003

"My virus was designed to rewrite DNA to a certain genetic state in the age. Seems to have gone wrong in your case; you're getting younger faster than you should," Judy said walking around him and looking at her watch."

Don't Tell Daddy by Morpheus

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

Elizabeth, an inventor, is now a housewife and mother. But in her basement workshop she designs a machine to allow people to share dreams. But she need to test it and selects her young son to help her, but...

Dr. Jeckle and Missy Hyde by Morpheus

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

Dr. Bill Weston had to show his friend his invention, a DNA scanning machine that could record DNA patterns of people and then edit them.

Dr. Lana Rudeger Show by Louder

submitted by louder - Jun 8, 2002

A transcript from a popular radio program seems to show that diagnosing problems from afar isn't always perfect. Will the show end up being renamed "Teen Time"?

E.T. - The Regression by Anonymous

Jul 3, 2002

What happens when E.T. finds some age regression formula while foraging for food? Read to find out.

Elevation Epliogue

Sep 5, 2003

Elevation- Epilogue- 4 Years Later

A continuation of Sumner's Elevation. Written by Louder with permission and input from Sumner.

Elevation part 1 by Sumner

submitted by Sumner - Jul 15, 2003

Daniel again squeezed himself closer to Sara. In all the excitement, they had jarred each other's clothing loose. Daniel noticed his pants drooping to one side, and Sara detected her bra straps slipping on both sides. Meanwhile, their sweat mixed as they held each other tighter... and tighter...

Elevation Part 4

Sep 2, 2003

Part 4 of Elevation. The original concept and 1st three chapters by Sumner. The concluding chapters by Louder with Sumner's permission, input, and editorial prowess.

Daniel and Sara attempt to escape the curse yet keep their affair a secret from their spouses.

Elevation Part 5

Sep 5, 2003

This is the continuation of Sumner's Elevation. Written by Louder with Sumner's permission and able input.

Danial and Sara find themselves needing to make a decision.

Elevation: Part 2 by Sumner

submitted by Sumner - Jul 16, 2003

”On the 14th floor, my watch said it was 1984. If we rode the elevator down to the first floor, mathematically, it would be 1970,” Daniel worked out the figures, “meaning neither of us would even be old enough to even communicate, much less drive a car.”

Elevation: Part 3 by Sumner

submitted by EvolverX - Jul 21, 2003

He stared in astonishment down at his sixteen-year-old lover, so bright, perky, and… underage. But no amount of guilt could distract him from his new love as she smiled back at him – the smile of a girl who had just garnered her driver’s license or a first boyfriend. In this state, she was undeniably powerful; he would do anything she asked. Now, he knew he must be dreaming.

Eric Part1 by Lloyd

submitted by Timmy - Jun 27, 2002

Missing Text, finally got to uploading it.

Eric Part10 by Lloyd

submitted by Timmy - Jun 27, 2002

Eric Part2 by Lloyd

submitted by Timmy - Jun 27, 2002

Eric Part3 by Lloyd

submitted by Timmy - Jun 27, 2002