New Image section: Hobbitmon

submitted by hobbimton - Oct 27, 2002

Yes it's true I have moved in and now currently working on a little halloween special . You can see the preview in my gallery. Plus some of my more recent pic edits.

New Images and Morphs!

submitted by admin - Aug 22, 2002

There is a new section in the Images with a morph of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter! Check it out!

New images from DonnyG and BoJay!

submitted by Heidegger - Nov 25, 2003

DonnyG is back! He and BoJay have produced a new series of images.

You can find them here.

There is more coming - so stay tuned.

New Outlook Inc. by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

A mother uses the services of an interesting company to teach her daughter a lesson.

New Pictures from DonnyG!

submitted by admin - Aug 10, 2002

DonnyG has sent in a new pair of images! Click here to see them.

New Story from Tainted Sins at Nomdreserv's Site

submitted by admin - Apr 28, 2002

Tainted Sins has posted his new story at Nomdreserv's site - it's called *mister superstar*.

You'll find it here:

New Toy (Expanded Version) by Max

submitted by Max - Jan 19, 2004

New Toy (Expanded Version)
By Max
Revised by Jeffr_2bya

It was a sunny day when Rebecca decided to borrow her father's car for a ride. Her wild spirit leaded her to drive very fast for the highway across the desert. The open road and the wind on her face combined with the fact that nobody was on sight, made her feel like the queen of the world.

Suddenly, her happiness was interrupted...

No More Greed by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

An aging woman has a surprise for her greedy daughter.

Not Exactly (Complete Story) by Louder

submitted by louder - Oct 23, 2002

Steven is a school teacher whose fantasy life may be interferring with reality.


Of Profit and Deceit by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

A businessman makes a special deal to gain a lucrative contract.

Oh To Be Young Again by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

An older woman agrees to take part in a research project and spend the summer as a 9 year old. A Louder Story based on an idea by The Dark Oni

Omniar and the Snowy Day Pt 2 of 3

submitted by vern - Oct 5, 2004

All Kevin had done was to wish that he didn't "have to" go to school. Omniar the djinn granted the wish, changing Kevin from a 12 year old to a 4 year old who didn't have to attend his preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That was yesterday. Will Kevin go to kindergarten today, or can he change himself back?

Omniar and the Snowy Day, pt 1

submitted by vern - Sep 30, 2004

In Vern Scribemore's popular "Kevin and Omniar" book series (Ardmore Press), Kevin O'Bryan keeps learning that getting your wish isn't as much fun as making a wish. When Kevin wishes that he doesn't have to go to school, he's off on another unexpected adventure....

Omniar and the Snowy Day-- CONCLUSION

submitted by vern - Oct 10, 2004

When Kevin wished that he didn't have to go to school, he never dreamed he would be reduced to this....

On The List by Homeless

submitted by heidegger - Mar 31, 2002

A college student reads a fascinating age regression story with incredible side effects.

On The List by Homeless

submitted by heidegger - Mar 31, 2002

A college student reads a fascinating age regression story with incredible side effects.

One Size Fits All

Jan 3, 2003

By Eagle

This is my first submission of an AR story. I thought it might set the stage for additional clothing-induced regression stories. I hope you enjoy it.

One Size Fits All (Part II)

Jan 8, 2003

By Eagle

This next chapter is mostly background, and turned out rather dark, I'm afraid. Those that depend on transformation descriptions will probably be disappointed. Anyway, the premise of One-Size-Fits-All should be a little more clear and provide opportunities for further writings.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed!

Onward Christian Soldiers by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A President's political advisor and is infected with an experimental virus to question/brainwash him.

Oops, My Bad by Zappy

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A man's daughter is aging at a tremendous rate.

Out of the Bottle by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 10, 2002

A man cleans a bottle with a genie in it.

Outpatient by Ouroboros

submitted by Ouroboros - Sep 8, 2002

The mysterious AR virus strikes again! This is something I began writing after visiting a hospital. I've worked on it on and off for a while. This is just part one. I only plan on it being two parts. Since I got so much written tonight, I decided to go ahead and share what I had. Enjoy!

Outpatient part 2 by Ouroboros

submitted by Ouroboros - Sep 12, 2002

Time for the conclusion to my take on the AR virus stories. This one wound up being longer than I had originally thought as well. This second part is definatly longer than the first part. I added a bit more detail and AR this time. Enjoy!

Overzealous by dioscuri

submitted by dioscuri - Dec 1, 2002

This is it... my first complete AR story. An impulsive 18-year-old is given a lesson in respect by his irritated girlfriend. It's short, but it should give you an example of my style. Feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

PDL High Stories

Jun 15, 2002

Here are the stories that go with Oni's post on the new Bojay and Donnie G. pictures.