Peace, Quiet and an Early Bedtime by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A boy is unjustly accused and punished. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice) (Infantilist)

Perfect Plan 1-4

Jul 20, 2002

Revised and checked for minor errors.

Piper part 1

May 23, 2003

This is a Mental AR Charmed Fanfic

Poolside by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A fourteen year old discovers an ancient formula on the Internet.

Powder Can Be a Bad ARing Agent Part 1 of 2

submitted by TFandTGfan - Oct 21, 2004

At the ok of Vern, I submit this start of a sequel to Taking a Powder. What would happen if Stuart found out about the lie, and would Molly end up her own enemy in the ensuing ordeal?

Power Bottles by JP Chabot

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

Product Tester : The beginning

submitted by lane2k - Dec 28, 2004

For those that like A/R Virus stories, here you go. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I respect that.
Meet Grant Jensen, victim for 4 years now and has adjusted well. He is going to find that it can be very handy having him around.

Cheers, Lane

Product Tester Chapter 2

submitted by lane2k - Jan 10, 2005

Promises kept. The next chapter is here.
We follow Grant Jensen, AR Virus victim, as he does his part to get a small company off the ground.
Rated G

Promises by AP Scout

submitted by Timmy - Jun 25, 2002

Pysch ABC (Final Version)

Sep 8, 2004

A college student is the only male in a very special class.

Quiana: A Personal Memoir by ARthur

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

Randolph's Foolish Affair by Flash

submitted by Timmy - Apr 13, 2002

When a young lady needs to be "punished", she is in no way prepared for what she receives. Spanking, and Female AR.

Real Maturity by TabulaRasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Aug 2, 2002

"Face it, BOYS, you haven't matured a day. And I can prove it."

"Go ahead. Do what ever you can to prove that!"

Rebecca and Brianna's Unbirth Adventure

submitted by little_bri - Apr 11, 2005

Here's a story created from a roleplay that Becca and I did a little while ago. There is some "naughtyness" in it, so be forewarned.

Recession by areg5555

Jun 27, 2002

Recession conclusion by areg5555

Jul 1, 2002

back to basics

Recession part 2 by areg5555

Jun 27, 2002

a friend in need

Recession part 3 by areg5555

Jun 30, 2002

no answers, lotsa questions

Redemption of a Disgraced Demon

submitted by mig110 - Oct 9, 2002

I've always been a fan of the old B/W Twilight zone series and the story, "The Devil and Daniel Webster". I tried to imitate this genre with my first story.

Regression City USA pt 3

submitted by Ferver - Jan 3, 2003

This is the third installment to the story, some may hate it, some may like it, this part deals more with the aftermath than with the actual regressions, it is also a bit short, part 4 will be up next week. Thank you all for understanding.

Regression City USA, part 2

submitted by Ferver - Dec 24, 2002

Here you go, I hope you like it, it's a little short but it's the 2nd part. This story is covering some of the events that occur after the wave.

I don't know how to indent the story in HTML, since I wrote it in Word, so I placed breaks in between each paragraph, I hope this makes it easier to read.

Regression City, USA by Ferver

submitted by Ferver - Dec 19, 2002

This is the story of a girl named Amanda, and the town of Stapleton California. Amanda always wanted to stay young and beautiful, but she never expected a freak accident at a Science Lab to give her the chance to experience what she asked for, and now that she has, does she want it after all.

Regression Therapy - Part 1 by RoxDeon

submitted by RoxDeon - May 21, 2003

The"I Love Diapers II" paysite was supposed to publish this in February or March. Since they haven't "paid" me for it, and I can't get a response from their "Story Editor", I've decided to post it to the AR Archive. It's in three parts.

Regression Therapy - Part 2

submitted by RoxDeon - May 23, 2003

The therapy continues...

Regression Therapy - Part 3 Conclusion by RoxDeon

submitted by RoxDeon - May 25, 2003

"The patient has to want to change", and so the therapy concludes...